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The Speed
The NXT is a high performance, handcrafted, molded carbon fiber, designer kit that went through extensive wind tunnel testing and computer modeling before the first carbon fiber mold was made.

All aircraft components are modeled in the computer and extremely accurate parts are generated from these models.
Wind Galley Model
(Picture by Christopher Webb Films)

All the outer mold line tooling was CNC machined, providing the most precise kit airframe components produced anywhere. The resulting accuracy allows the builder to cut exactly on trim lines minimizing wasted time fitting and re-trimming.

Nemesis Air Racing uses FAA approved FiberCote E760/carbon fiber pre-preg material and other aerospace quality material throughout the kit. We manufacture adjacent parts using Perfect Fit Technology™ (PFT) and pay attention to every detail, providing the assembler a quality, fast building kit.

If you have any questions about the NXT kit, please contact Collin Boyd at collin@swiftcomposites.co.uk
The Ingredients for Speed

main NXT components
include the following. Nemesis Air Racing reserves the right to add any components to or delete any components from the following list.
  • Wing top and bottom skins with integral spar caps
  • “Perfect fit” Split flap skins, right and left
  • Horizontal stabilizer skins upper/lower
  • Fuselage skins, right and left, with integral longerons, and low dielectric vertical stabilizer
  • Webs, closeouts, and bulkheads with integral rollover structure
  • “Perfect fit” integral joggled gear doors, access panels (the air will never know they exist)
  • Motor mount, and accessories
  • Canopy hatch/deck with integral roll over support
  • Grove Aircraft 500X5.00 Extra Heavy duty wheels brakes and axles, developed and sized for your NXT
  • Goodyear Flight Custom tires and tubes
  • Tinted Canopy (optional tint level)
  • 5 Point seat belt harness systems
  • Rudder pedal system
  • Assembly materials/supplies including; Construction manual, drawings, tech support, assembly assistance, carbon fabric, low dielectric fabric, peel ply, epoxy resin system, microbaloons, cab-o-sil, brushes, mix cups, mix sticks, gloves, and assembly hardware
  • Aileron skins upper/lower, right and left
  • Elevator skins upper/lower, right and left
  • Wingtips; upper/lower right and left
  • Wing, horizontal, vertical leading edge caps
  • Rudder skins right and left
  • Fuel Tank, with explosion resistant foam, valve, cap, and fittings
  • Torso support system
  • Console
  • Instrument panel
  • Steerable tail wheel (non retractable)
  • Grove Aircraft master brake cylinders
  • Landing Gear; Struts, links, fittings, hydraulic actuators, valves, power pack, and attachment hardware Flap actuation system, with actuator and hardware
  • Control system hardware, fittings, bearings, and mountings
  • Canopy latch system, hingesFuel Gauge
  • Four Tennis Balls
Important Options for the Speed
  • Lycoming TIO-540-NXT
  • Hartzell 3 Blade Propeller
  • Engine Baffle System
  • Fuel System Option:
    Includes 24 volt fuel pump, fuel filter, throttle mixture bracket, couplings, fittings, hoses, fire sleeve, cable lock and nuts.
  • Oil System:
    Includes oil cooler, oil filter, oil filter mount, hoses, fittings, oil cooler bracket, plugs, unions, fire sleeve and adapters.


In the price we include a set of 4 tennis balls to protect your wingtip!!!

Nemesis Air Racing Team

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Do you need a special paint scheme for your NXT? Please contact us and we can offer you a very cool design for very reasonable price!

Direct line: 1-520-334-0066