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Nemesis Air Racing is a small company with big dreams that was located in Mojave, CA. Jon and Patricia Sharp started the company in 1990 during the development of the air racer, Nemesis. After 9 successful years, Nemesis was retired to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum; Udvar-Hazy Center.

In 2000, The Sharps and a team of experts, began the design of the NXT (Neoteric experimental Technology) kit aircraft. The prototype, the NemesisNXT, flew its maiden flight on July 10th, 2004. Since that time, 10 kits have been delivered, of which 5 have flown.

In 2010, Jon Sharp retired from air racing. The same year Jon & Patricia moved the company to Tucson, Arizona.

Please feel free to contact Nemesis Air Racing at:

Nemesis Air Racing
Direct line: 1-520-334-0066
Email: nemesisnxt@me.com

The People

Jon Sharp

The NXT designer, President and "fearless leader" of Nemesis Air Racing, Inc.

Patricia Sharp
The composite fabricator of the NXT kit components, Vice President of Nemesis Air Racing, Inc., office management
(with no minions), gofer, marketeer, and the "bossy babe" of the bunch.

Kevin Luttge
Designer, and engineer extraordinaire. Kevin has the unique ability to build what he designs. Not only that, what he designs is very elegant and highly functional.
Kevin also has the unique ability to extract concepts from Jon, and then turn them into reality. We don't know where the NXT program would be without Kevin, except that it would be nowhere near where it is today.
Kevin is a very rare talent.

Daren Kimura
Early on in the NXT project, Daren conducted a wind tunnel test of an early version of the NXT. Analyses of the data led to minor modification to the NXT. Also, some of the aerodynamic data collected during this test eventually went into the NXT computer flight simulator assembled by Eric Schrock.
After the design was finalized, Daren assisted in the fabrication of the carbon-fiber composite parts mold and the parts themselves.
He has seen the NXT progress from an idea in Jon's head to the graceful lines that swoop in the skies above Mojave!

Steve Hill
An an exceptional talented person that has been with the NXT project since the beginning. His skill far exceeds the space we have here, but to begin with, he has been involved with the fabrication of NXT components, engineering, instrumentation/avionics, gear detail engineer, hydraulics engineer, mold designer and mold construction.. just to name a few.
Steve is the "left hand" of the support facility Twisted Composites (LLC) in Moriarty New Mexico.

Dennis Walter
Dennis is a quiet intellectual engineer who works closely with Steve Hill.
He is a meticulous organizer, outstanding hydraulics design engineer, and a prominent electrical engineer.
He is premier in the avionics design and implementation, in addition he works with Steve Hill in all phases of the program support. Dennis is the "right hand" of the support facility Twisted Composites (LLC) in Moriarty New Mexico.
In addition, Dennis's daughter Eleanor, is an outstanding volley ball and basketball player. (Just a note about an up and coming athlete....)

Thad Hill
Composite fabrication craftsman, and electronics technician, and all around good guy....He likes punk music..., but we don't hold that against him.

Dan Bond
Dan has been with Team Nemesis since 1986, when Nemesis was still a dream. He has been a crucial team member at multiple levels, from drag reduction to marketing. He is a renowned drag reduction and airfoil specialist, hence has been given the name "Dan the no drag man." Dan also brought in the first sponsors for Team Nemesis, wrote outstanding marketing proposals and numerous press releases. He truly has a knack for writing, so much so, that he is our "press guy".
Company facts

The remarkable achievements of Sharp and his NEMESIS are unequalled in the 88 year history of air racing, and his 9 year domination of the Formula One Class will leave an enduring legacy for all who follow in future years.

Press release

What the magazine wrote about us.
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National Air and Space Museum

"The most successful aircraft in air racing history, Nemesis dominated its competition winning 45 of its 48 contests from 1991 until its retirement in 1999"

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Direct line: 1-520-334-0066