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Nemesis NXT KIT

The NXT is a single engine, two place, retractable gear, kit aircraft of molded carbon fiber construction.
The design is the result of extensive wind tunnel testing and computer modeling. Perfect Fit Technology™ is incorporated into each handcrafted kit.

Please contact SloAir at www.sloair.com for payment terms, availability and delivery dates.

Lycoming TIO 540-NXT Engine

Lycoming has perfectly matched a twin turbocharged, 350 hp engine to the NXT airframe to maximize performance, speed and steadfastness.

Please contact Nemesis Air Racing for the current price for this world-class engine.

Hartzell 3 Blade Constant Speed Propeller

Hartzell, the world leader in prop manufacturing, has designed a propeller that is specific to the NXT aerodynamics, insuring maximum performance in takeoff, climb and cruise.

Please contact Nemesis Air Racing for pricing and delivery schedules.


Direct line: 1-520-334-0066