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The Nemesis began as a dream in a garage.
It came to life as a few individuals dared to believe in that dream. It has succeeded because the team continues to believe that the quest is more important than results, that continuing to raise the bar in aviation is vital to its growth, and that racing must always demonstrate what can be done, not what has been done.
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2023 June 22 -
Just a reminder, Colin Boyd of the UK is the owner & distributor of the NXT Kits.
You can contact him by email at colin@swiftcompost

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Team Nemesis is so excited to announce the opening of Nation of Speed Exhibit in 2022 in the National Air and Space Museum on the Mall in Washington DC. (Ok, so we are a bit late in sharing this. We thought we were retired…ha!) This exhibit is extraordinary and features iconic vehicles from Mario Andretti’s Indy 500 winning race car to the Sharp DR 90 Nemesis.

The cool thing is the first vehicle you see is the Nemesis as you enter the Nation of Speed Exhibit! Jon Sharp designed, built with Team Nemesis and raced this successful race plane in 1991 through 1999. During those years it won 9 Reno Air Racing Gold National Championships, broke speed records on every course it raced thus winning a total of 47 or its 50 races and earning 16 World Speed Records. It is one special and successful plane!

The idea behind this incredible Nation of Speed Exhibit is share the human ingenuity that shaped the American’s desire to go as fast as they can on land, sea, air and space.

For more information on the Exhibit click on the link below.

Spirit of Innovation 10-02-2021
Team Nemesis is so proud to announce that Rolls-Royce and Project Accel, a joint Rolls-Royce Electroflight team, have chosen one of our kits, an NXT, as their vehicle of choice to create the “World’s Fastest Electric Plane”. To date they have flown two successful flights, with obviously, many more on the horizon!

The chosen name of their plane by Rolls-Royce is the “Spirit of Innovation”, a very appropriate label for an all electric NXT. With the extremely aerodynamic airframe and the talented team surrounding Rolls-Royce, they are sure to succeed in breaking numerous new electric speed records with this powerhouse of a plane.

Please click on the More Info icon to be directed to another press release about the Spirit of Inovation.
The Dream Came True 07-17-2018
Nemesis Air Racing motto is Chase the Dream Not the Competition. It was the driving force, the single focus, and the underlying factor that brought the team together.

Well, the Dream did come true!

Team Nemesis is proud to announce that the NemesisNXT has been retired to the National Air and Space Museum (NASM), the Udvar F Hazy Center and is currently sitting next to Nemesis. Nemesis was the first plane that Jon Sharp designed, built and raced. After it was retired, Sharp once again designed, built and raced the NemesisNXT.

The success of the two planes would not have happened without the incredibly talented Team that worked endlessly on on both planes. They are the reason for the remarkable success of both the Nemesis and NemesisNXT. Of course, all the sponsors were an important part of the Teams success; Lycoming Engines, Hartzell Propellers,Red Line Oil, Grove Aircraft, Aircraft Studio Design, Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, Aircraft Spruce ,and Tri-Tech Machines (just to mention a few).
Spirit of Flight Award 07-17-2018
The Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP) has selected Jon Sharp for the Spirit of Flight Award for 2018. This year this award is sponsored by Scaled Composites of Mojave, CA and is presented to an EAA (Experiment Aircraft Association) member who best exemplifies the spirit of research, development or flight test.

SETP is an international organization that began in 1955 and now has well over 2000 members. The organization seeks to promote air safety, sound aeronautical design and development. In addition the association assists in the professional development of experimental pilots and provides scholarships and aid to members and families of deceased members.

EAA is planning an award ceremony at the Oshkosh fly-in on Thursday, July 26th, 2018 at 6 pm at the Homebuilders Dinner in the Nature Center Pavilion.
Louis Bleriot Medal 11-17-2016
Jon Sharp and Team Nemesis has just been notified that they will be receiving the Louis Bleriot Medal at the National Aeronautics Association Fall Ceremonies on Dec. 8th in Arlington, VA. This medal is an aviation honor awarded by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), the International Aviation Record adjudicating body. The medal may be awarded up to three times a year to record setters in speed, altitude and distance categories in light aircraft, but in some instances it is not awarded at all or to only one aviator.

This will be the fifth Bleriot Medal that has been bestowed on Jon Sharp and Team Nemesis, a new record in the record books. No other pilot has received five Bleriot Medals in the history of this medal, which began in 1936 in honor of Louis Bleriot. In 1909, Mr. Bleriot became world famous for the first flight across the English Channel and, in addition, was the first to make a working powered, piloted monoplane.
Most Memorable Aviation Record 11-06-2016
Jon Sharp and Team Nemesis were awarded the Most Memorable Aviation Records of 2015 for his record speed over a100 KM closed course of 397.40 mph. This World Record was set at the Moriarty Airport in Moriarty, NM on Oct. 1, 2015.

The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) presented this award at the Summer Awards Ceremony on June 15th in Arlington, VA, of which only 9 people/records (Sharp being one) were recognized by the NAA along with the FAI (Feraderation Aeronautique Interntionale). NAA is the oldest national aviation association ins existence and is the official record-keeper for the United States aviation and works closely FAI in ratifying World Aviation Records.

During the 2015 Speed Record attempt called Thunder of Moriarty, Sharp and the Team broke four other World Speed Records that were recognized by NAA/FAI. Of the five World Records, three of them were over 400 mph.

As a recap, there were two weight categories, C1b (1,102 - 2205 lbs) and C1c (2205 - 3,858 lbs) that Sharp challenged during Thunder Over Moriarty Speed Blast in Oct . 2015. As a summary, the New World Speed Records are 3 km C1b at 393 mph (old record was 388.5 mph), 15 km C1b at 405.9 mph (old record 378.7 mph), 3 km C1c at 415 mph (old record 390.5 mph), 15 km C1c at 407 mph (old record 376.2 mph) and 100 km C1c at 397.2 mph (old record 364.2 mph).
405.9 mph! 10-28-2015
One more new world speed record for Team Nemesis. This 405.9 mph record is for the 15 km C1b , which is the light category, 1,102 - 2,205 pounds for plane & pilot combined. The 15 km requires two passes, then the speed of the two are averaged for the record speed.

Speed records do not come easy and this one record provided tremendous information about how impressive the plane is, what an incredible team, and how fantastic the Lycoming engine performs! This speed was derived without any ADI (anti-detonation injection) and the engine cylinders and oil were running cool as if the the engine was waiting for more throttle! What is more astounding is the top speed Jon reached in the 15 km run was 435 mph at the very end of the record run. He did slow down in the middle of the last run to avoid a flock of birds.

The plan was for Jon to turn onto the 3 km C1b course after the 15 km run and attempt that record run again. Team Nemesis already owns the record for the 3 km C1b at 393 mph, but felt that the Jon and the plane could increase the speed substantially, but that idea was soon abandon. Sharp radioed down to the Team at the finish of the 15 km and said the plane is scary fast and that he has had enough fun for the day.

So the Team is proud that during all this record run event, they accomplished 5 New World Speed Records! Of the five records, three were over 400 mph. Impressive!

As a recap, the New World Speed Records are 3 km C1b at 393 mph (old record was 388.5 mph), 15 km C1b at 405.9 mph (old record 378.7 mph), 3 km C1c at 415 mph (old record 390.5 mph),
15 km C1c at 407 mph (old record 376.2 mph) and 100 km C1c at 397.2 mph (old record 364.2 mph).

Photo Credits go to Oliver Jevremov
On Hold! 10-03-2015
Thunder storms throughout the Moriarty, NM area halted the remaining record attempts today. The dream doesn’t stop here. Team Nemesis will be back in a couple of weeks to conquer the last two records, the 15 KM and the 100 KM C1b.

To date, Jon Sharp flying the pink beast, NemesisNXT, broke four of the six records, the 15 KM C1c at 407 mph, the 3 KM C1c at 415 mph, the 100 KM C1c at 397.2 mph and finally the 3 KM C1b at 393 mph. Not bad for a week of dominating the skies of Moriarty.

So stay tuned.
393 mph, 3 KM C1b!!!! 10-02-2015
What a flight today! 393 mph! Another new record, but this time in the 3 KM C1b, the lighter category (1,102 - 2,205 pounds).

This record is amazing in so many ways. This flight was done without any ADI (anti detonation injection), a solution of methanol and water that is used to ultimately increase horsepower capability. ADI was always a staple in the engine when Sharp raced the NXT at the Reno National Air Races. But because of the weight category for the 3 KM C1b, Team Nemesis had to sacrifice the ADI tank and computer, which sits in the co-pilot seat. So what this flight means is this is the speed Sharp can comfortably cruise in the NemesisNXT day in and day out. More importantly, the cylinder and oil temperatures were very cool, the engine purred and the Sharp knew that there was so much more power available.

This is the first time that Jon Sharp has ever flown the NXT plane at those particular power settings without ADI, so no one on the Team had any idea what speed the airplane was capable of. They do now! Fun!

As a final note, this speed could have likely won the Reno Sport Class Gold race in 2015.

Photo credits: Oliver Jevremov
One More! 397.2 mph!!!! 10-01-2015
Last night was a late one for Team Nemesis preparing the plane for todays 100 KM C1c record run. The Team worked diligently on the engine to squeeze every ounce of horsepower out of it, and after two engine runs, the Team was finally satisfied.

And they should be! Sharp captured yet another World Speed Record in the 100 KM C1c category (weight between 2,205-3,858 pounds) with a speed of 397.2 mph! That is 9% greater than the previous record of 364.2 mph that was set two years ago.

This is Sharps third World Speed Record this weekend in his blistering fast NemesisNXT! Earlier in the week he seized the 3KM C1c with a speed of 415 mph and the 15 KM with a speed of 407 mph. But the mission is not accomplished yet! Sharp wants to conquer the 3 KM C1b (1,102 - 2,205 pounds), the 15 KM C1b & the 100 KM C1b.

There is more work to be done! Stay tuned!

Photo credits: Oliver Jevremov
415 mph! 09-30-2015
During the 3 KM C1c record attempt on Sunday, Sept. 27th (seems so long ago) when Jon captured the 420 mph record, the official data recorder lost some of the data. Although, this happens from time to time, Team Nemesis decided to repeat the 3 KM C1c run to establish a clean record. Well...clean record accomplished at 415 mph!

Sharp makes these records look so easy, but it is not! Todays weather was far from perfect with immense haze, creating extremely bumpy conditions. Moriarty Airport is a difficult airport to see from the air on a beautiful sunny day, but add some haze and not completely familiar with the area, makes a 400 mph plus pass through the 3 KM course down the runway a challenge, to say the least. Awesome pilot skills, fast plane and determination is what it takes to accomplish these record setting goals.
Another Day, Another Record! 09-28-2015
Once again, Jon Sharp flying the NemesisNXT, roared to yet another World Speed record today with a speed of 407.65 mph. This time it was in the 15 KM C1c category for aircraft in the weight class of 2205 to 3858 pounds. The prior 15 KM C1c record was 376.2 mph that was set more that ten years ago, in 2004.

The 15 KM record flight requires only 2 passes down a straight line and, without getting into specifics, it has altitude restrictions and corridor width restrictions during the flight, as do all the record categories.

The rest of this week Sharp will be attempting to break the following World Speed Records; the 100 KM C1c (2205-3858 pounds), the 3 KM C1b (1,102 - 2,205 pounds), the 15 KM C1b and the 100 KM C1b.

As a recap, the difference between the C1c and the C1b is the weight category that includes the weight of the plane and pilot. The C1c is the heavier category and obviously, the C1b is the lighter category.

Stay tuned!
WOW!!! 09-27-2015
That pretty much says it all! Jon Sharp flying the NemesisNXT screamed to a new world record in the 3 KM C1c category with a whopping speed of 420 mph! Yesterday, Sharp flew the same course at 397.5 mph, but knew that he and the plane could do better and they did!

Sharp is very thankful to his incredible team, all our sponsors and all the Grace of God that made this happen!

Five more records are in jeopardy More to come this week!

Stay tuned.
It’s a Record! 09-26-2015
Today started out absolutely beautiful with perfect weather for record breaking attempts. The plane was ready, the Team was prepared and Jon Sharp was composed. The plan for the day was to attempt the 3 KM C1c record, which was 390.5 mph. The C1c 3 KM is a category of record by weight of the plane with pilot, fuel, etc. of 2205 to 2858 pounds.

With Sharp at the controls of NemesisNXT and four required passes for the 3 KM C1c down the runway, the sight and sound of the NXT was spectacular! After Sharp landed, the numbers crunched, the final result is a NEW record of 397.5 mph.

This is not the speed Team Nemesis expected or is happy with, so the attempt for this record will be flown again in the morning. One is allowed to attempt the same record during a 48 hour time span. So once again, Jon Sharp and Team Nemesis aspire to raise the bar to over 400 mph.

Throughout the week Jon will be attempting 5 other records, all of which are sanctioned in the USA by the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) and the Federation Aeronautic Internationale (FAI), the keepers of aviation speed, altitude and distance records worldwide.
Thunder Over Moriarty Update 09-25-2015
Team Nemesis has steadily worked on the NemesisNXT for the last two days preparing the plane for the speed records at the Moriarty Airport. Sharp took the controls today for a quick test flight, landed, looked at the data and returned to tweaking the last little bit before the first record attempt that will take place tomorrow morning.

The first attempt will the 3 KM C1c, which is the heavier category of the 3 KM attempts. Team Nemesis must keep the plane weight between 2,205 to 3858 pounds, which isn’t difficult since the empty weight of the NXT is 1600 pounds. The fuel tank on the NXT holds 90 pounds, so there will be plenty of fuel on board, in addition Team Nemesis plans on adding a few other “go fast” items for the monster engine.

So…Stay tuned!
Day 3 09-24-2015
The Speed Records have been delayed by New Mexico showers for the first two days of the record breaking attempts “Thunder Over Moriarty” at the Moriarty Airport.

The goal of Team Nemesis is an assault on 3 different course distances in two different weight categories, for a total of 6 world speed records at the event in Moriarty. No one has ever attempted six speed records at one event, and the highly decorated team will be pushed to its limits.

Even though September 21st and 22nd boosted thunder storms, Wednesday, the 23rd promised to be a perfect day for the first attempt on the 3 KM in the C1c (2205 - 3858 pounds). As Sharp started down the runway, he determinedly aborted the take off. According to the Crew Chief, Steve Hill, Sharp smelled a whiff of fuel. As Sharp taxied back to the hangar, the odor diminished, so he decided to make another attempt. Once again, the take off was aborted and the fuel odor was definitely there. Team Nemesis immediately towed it back to the hangar, started a thorough inspection of the plane and discovered a small fuel leak. The afternoon was spent fixing the leak and getting the team ready for another attempt!

Stay tuned!
Thunder Over Moriarty 07-29-2015
Nemesis Air Racing is proud to announce “Thunder Over Moriarty”, a blitz on the World Speed Record book.

“Thunder Over Moriarty” will be held in The Land of Enchantment, at the Moriarty (0E0) Airport New Mexico, September 21 through October 3 2015. The Moriarty N.M airport is approximately 35 miles East of Albuquerque.

The NemesisNXT and its team’s goal is an assault on the record book that will highlight 3 different speed distances, in two different weight categories, for a total of 6 world records. This amount of records at one event has never been attempted, and will push the highly decorated team to its limits.

“Thunder Over Moriarty” is sanctioned in the USA by the National Aeronautic Association (NAA), and the World by the Federation Aeronautic’ Internationale (FAI), the keepers of aviation speed, altitude, and distance records world wide.

The speed records on the schedule to be challenged are in the NAA/FAI weight categories C1b (1,102 - 2,205 pounds) and Category C1c (2,205-3,858 pounds). The record distances will be 3km, 15km, and 100km in length. The 3 km speed attempts are an average of 4 passes in a very controlled window of altitude, and width, and is flown within 200 feet of the ground. The 3km is considered the ultimate record for aircraft due to the tight constraints of the flight. It is also a very exciting event to watch due to the close proximity to the airport, with the plane, in your face, but don’t blink, cause the NemesisNXT will be gone if you do. The current records in the 2 weight categories are in the 380’s MPH. The Nemesis NXT, with 15 time Reno Air Race Champion Jon Sharp at the controls, has been clocked at the Reno Air Races at speeds well into the 400’s.

For more information contact:
Bob Hudson
Moriarty Airport

Nemesis Air Racing is pleased to introduce the following Sponsors that have been part of the team for years and are the reason for the successes of Team Nemesis. To them, thank you. Team Nemesis will continue to succeed and records will be broken!

- Lycoming Thunderbolt Engines
- Hartzell Propellors
- Aircraft Spruce and Specialty
- Red Line Oil
- Aircraft Studio Design
- Grove Aircraft
- JP Instruments
- NmXT
- Twisted Composites
- Tri-Tech Machine
- Paul Martin Enterprises
- Cannon Aviation Insurance
- Click Bond

After 32 years of pylon racing success, and innovation, aIr racing legend Jon Sharp, and team leader of Nemesis® Air Racing is “Callin’ It A Day” by announcing his retirement from pylon racing, He’s walking away as the winningest pilot in the history of Air Racing.

Jon and his Team holds many of the most cherished records in air racing, including speed records on every race course flown in both the Formula 1 “Nemesis®”, and the most recent Sport/Super Sport class NemesisNXT®. His Team’s prestigious pylon racing resume includes winning a record 15 Reno Air Racing National Championships.

Jon and the Team’s career began with a trip to the first ever air races in Mexicali Mexico in 1978 with the Formula1 plane Jon had purchased named “Bilbo”, a stock Cassutt design racer. At Mexicali, Jon began building the team, starting with the backbone, Crew Chief Steve Hill. Jon and his fledgling team, came in last place that year, but the racing bug had bitten hard.

Along the air racing journey the team made stops at the air races in Mojave CA., Cleveland OH., and San Diego CA. Jon and his team went to the Reno air races for the first time in 1979 with “Bilbo”. Later “Bilbo” would be renamed “Aero Magic” in honor of the team’s engine builders Don Sanford, and Jack Wells, proprietors of the company Aero Mag.

Jon and the Team’s first of two Reno Championship wins with Aero Magic came in 1982, the second Championship in 1986. In 1987 on the way to the San Diego Air Races, Jon met his wife to be Patricia Haynes. The team was forever improved upon. Patricia instantly became Team Manager. She made all transportation plans, and arrangements, organized team activities, and made team support assignments. In addition she became the team’s press director, and the all important sponsorship co-ordinator. Later she would assume a higher role in manufacturing, and president of the “parts department”.....

After the 1987 Reno races, “Aero Magic” was sold to make room for the next step in air racing history...... 1988 would bring a wrinkle to the resume. Jon, not to be left out of the Reno races borrowed a Formula1 plane to race. The plane was dubbed “Blue Streak”. With the team’s potent engineers, and power package, “Blue Streak” was the fast qualifier. Mechanical problems stopped Jon and “Blue Streak” from what could have been that year.

1989 was a new beginning for Jon and the Team when Jon and Patricia were married, and were relocated from Texas to California. Before the move, the team had already begun work on the next step.

The next step, was the beginning of air racing domination. In 1991,the ground breaking, clean sheet of paper design all carbon fiber Formula 1 racer simply named “Nemesis” appeared for the first time. The plane was very aptly named, as it very immediately became the competitor’s Nemesis.

Webster defines Nemesis:
nemesis |ˈneməsis|
noun ( pl. -ses |-ˌsēz|) (usu. one's nemesis)
the inescapable or implacable agent of someone's or something's downfall.

Nemesis |ˈneməsis| Greek Mythology
a goddess usually portrayed as the agent of divine punishment for wrongdoing or presumption (hubris).

Nemesis® was fabricated, as Jon defines it, using “the leading edge of garage technology”. This means that the molds were all hand carved, using templates, and lots of sanding to get the desired shapes. The components of Nemesis® were also made using the same level of “technology” as they were all “wet bucket and brush” hand layups using a vacuum bag for consolidation pressure of the carbon plies. The parts were also simply cured in what was termed, the “Mojave-clave”. The “Mojave-clave” can best be described as a 120 degree hanger in mid summer Mojave CA.

Jon and Team Nemesis® won 9 consecutive Reno National Championships in the Formula1 Class. Starting in 1991, and continuing with 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999. During that amazing 9 year run at Reno, Nemesis® won 33 of the 36 Reno National Air Races it was in. 2 of the 3 “non wins” came in 1991 in its first 2 heat races. The 3rd came in a 1999 heat race when the team was experimenting with a different engine and propeller combination. After that second place finish, the team returned the configuration to the world beating baseline combination and won again setting records that still stand in it’s last appearance at Reno. Along the way, with the F1 Nemesis®, Jon and the Team racked up wins at every air racing venue in which they appeared. The list includes Vancouver Canada, Kingman AZ, Albuquerque N.M, Paso Robles CA., Lancaster CA., Laughlin NV., and Phoenix AZ. Everywhere “Nemesis” raced, it won decisively, setting records at every turn.

Following the plane’s retirement after the Reno Races in 1999, the Formula 1 Nemesis earned it’s position in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Today, the tiny world beater plane is resting quietly along with some the world’s most famous airplanes, the SR-71, “Enola Gay”, and the Space Shuttle “Enterprise”. The final record of the Formula1 Nemesis® was 47 wins out of a total of 50 races, prompting the Smithsonian to proclaim it the “the most successful aircraft in air racing history.”

Jon and the Team had originally started to design a Formula 1 “replacement” Nemesis® but after months of analysis could not come up with a configuration that was likely to be better. In 2000 the team decided to move forward with a radical new design to be flown in a brand new racing class. The “Sport Class” started in 1998 and was designed to showcase the capabilities of high performance homebuilt kit aircraft. It was dominated in the first few years by a Lancair/TCM factory sponsored Lancair IV. Then, the legendary Darryl Greenamyer began winning with his super modified Lancair Legacy.

As news of the new design began to spread, the minimal rules of the fledgling class were scrutinized by the class leaders. During construction of what would become the world record setting NemesisNXT® prototype, the class rules were updated to require that no new plane may be raced before the designers deliver a minimum of 5 kits to paying customers. The Team was forced to get into the kit business and formed multiple businesses across the country to support the effort. One of which was NmXT. NmXT, located in Moriarty NM, was started by Steve Hill, and team Electrical Engineer Dennis Walter. NmXT fabricated a portion of the composite parts for the NXT® kit, as well as sharing some of the design effort.

The new design was radical enough with its wicked shape but it was also the first homebuilt to be designed entirely in the computer, and thoroughly tested using the wind tunnel, computational fluid dynamics, and flow visualization. All molds were CNC machined resulting in the most accurate airframe ever produced. In traditional composite construction the designer has a certain goal in mind. Several steps are taken to produce the desired goal. The first step is an approximation of what the designer wants and each subsequent step is an approximation of an approximation. The final result will be smooth and pretty but it won’t represent exactly what the designer originally intended.

By machining all molds with extreme accuracy, the final result of the NXT® is just what Jon wanted and what was tested. Chief aerodynamicist Daren Kimura could provide accurate information regarding performance and stability. The Team even produced a flight simulator for the NXT® using open-source code and Jon was able to practice flying the new ship before the actual first flight.

By modeling every single part in the computer, Chief design engineer Kevin Luttge could confidently package the complicated systems into the airframe. The aircraft was produced without traditional drawings. CAD models of the myriad machined parts were emailed to machine shops and finished parts were shipped back. The welding jigs for the engine mount and landing gear were produced from the CAD data. The result was that all parts of the control system and complicated landing gear fit together the first time. Instead of receiving a set of traditional plans, each kit builder was provided with video showing how to perform each step in detail.

During the initial design phase of the NXT® project, the Team selected the propulsion package of the Lycoming Thunderbolt TSIO-540-NXT engine. The Lycoming engine was selected for its long history of power and reliability. The team’s engineering staff worked very closely with the engineers at Lycoming to configure the engine to meet packaging, and performance requirements. The Lycoming engine was then coupled to the Hartzel 3-blade scimitar performance racing propeller.

The NemesisNXT® debuted at the 2004 Reno Air Races. The team had high hopes for the new racer, however those hopes were dashed due to an un-commanded gear retraction upon landing after a qualifying run. The incident caused significant damage to the airframe forcing the withdrawal from the competition.

2005 brought the Team more bad luck. The NemesisNXT® was unable to perform to its potential primarily due to lingering issues related to the 2004 incident.

2006 brought the team and the NemesisNXT® their first of 4 consecutive Reno Sport/ Super Sport Class championships. At Reno in 2008, the “Pink Rocket” NXT® was the first kit built airplane to surpass the 400 MPH barrier on the Reno race course, with a blistering 409.297 MPH qualifying lap. The lap was so fast, that the Reno Air Race association, and the Sport Class required the fastest racers to compete on the larger race course used by the “Unlimited”, and “Jet” classes.

2009 was the most successful year of many successful years of racing for the Team. The Team closed out its pylon racing career with an impressive “Record a Day, and 2 on Sunday” performance that electrified Reno and Aviation world.
The Team and the “Pink Rocket” Thundefbolt powered NemesisNXT® set a new record each time it flew on the course.

9/15/2009 Nemesis® set a new Qualifying record blistering the course at 412.051 MPH
This record was faster than the Unlimited racers: Rare Bear, Argonaught,, Miss America, Sawbones, Merlin’s Magic, Bad Attitude, Lady Jo, Speedball Alice, Sparky, Polar Bear, Sneak Attack, American Beauty Parrothead, Race 24, Air Biscuit, and Galloping Ghost- 3 Sea Furies, 8 Mustangs, 2 P-40s, a Bearcat, a Corsair, a T28 and a Wildcat placing the NemesisNXT® # 10 on the unlimited speed chart and the 18th fastest qualifying aircraft on the field including the Jets!

9/16/2009 the NemesisNXT® beat it’s own heat race from 2008 to a new record of 393.282 MPH

9/17/2009 The Team surpassed the previous days heat race record with a race speed of 399..336 MPH

9/18/2009 Once again the Team raised the bar for heat race speed to a new record of 406.051 MPH. Surpassing the 400 MPH barrier in race conditions.

9/19/2009 The Pink Rocket NemesisNXT®, scorched the race course, and completed it total domination of the class with a new championship race record or 407.061 MPH. Also that day the team won a record 15th Reno National Championship to complete the ultimate racing career.

The Team, and the plane are currently gearing up for the next step in aviation speed record history. So just as the competition was able to breath a sigh of relief, the team will continue “Chasing the Dream, and Not the Competition” at the global level.
For more information and updates on schedule, and events please check the team’s web sit at www.nemesisnxt.com.

Chase the Dream...Not the Competition™
Nemesis Air Racing®
10645N. Oracle Rd., Ste 230
Oro Valley, AZ  85737
ph 520-334-0066
fax 866-227-1333
Nemesis® and NXT® are registered trademarks of Nemesis Air Racing and are used with permission only.  Design Copyright © 2008 Nemesis Air Racing, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Welcome Air-C-Race 04-24-2011
Nemesis Air Racing is proud to announce Air-C-Race, a German model company, as the Official builder of both the Nemesis Formula Racer and the NemesisNXT radio controlled (RC) planes .

Air-C-Race has been in business since 2000 and was created out of love of the sport of RC planes. We chose Air-C-Race as the Official Supplier because of their dedication , attention to details and the quality of their product. They supply planes for their customers worldwide and, in addition, have numerous distributors throughout the world.

Air-C-Race debuted the AWESOME Nemesis, and NemesisNXT models this last March in a very large and successful RC Fair in Germany.

Air-C-Race models of the Nemesis, and NemesisNXT are the only models officially licensed, and approved by Nemesis Air Racing. Air-C-Race is manufacturing several sizes, and configuration of both Nemesis, and the NemesisNXT. There are gas, and Electric powered version of each.

Jon and the team can’t wait to get theirs in their hands. Jon is looking forward to getting the big gas version of the NemesisNXT, to put through it’s paces.

For more details, and and more information about these exciting scale models of Jon’s designs, as well Air-C-Race’s other offerings please go to the Air-C-Race web site and admire the quality and craftsmanship.

Fresh from the rumor mill!!! 09-17-2010
A juicy rumor is flying around the Reno Air Race pits this year! It claims that the World Speed Record holder, 15 time Reno National Champion, Jon Sharp isn’t at the races due to poor health. On the contrary! The “kidney”, formerly known as Patricia’s, is doing great!

In order to confirm the “kidney’s” performance claims that are always exaggerated leading up to and during Race week, an investigation crew was dispatched in full force. This is what they found. It isn’t his health that needs profession assistance, it’s Sharp’s golf game. As a golfer so far, he is a good bowler! Kidding aside, Jon is as good at golf as he is at racing the NemsisNXT. Patricia’s not doing so bad herself on the course.

Caring for a family member with Alzheimer's Disease requires tremendous daily support . Fortunately for the Sharps, golf is a great outlet. And better yet, the course is right in their backyard!
DREAM ON HOLD 07-17-2010
For Immediate Release!


Spokesperson for the Record setting 15 time Reno Air Race National Champion Jon Sharp and the Nemesis Air Racing Team, has announced that the Team will not be returning to the Reno Air Races in September 2010 to defend the Team’s record setting 2009 Super Sport title. The one year “Dream on Hold” is due to family health issues. Late in 2009 Pilot Jon Sharp and his beautiful Team Manager wife, Patricia, moved from their home of 20+ years in California to the Tucson Arizona area to take care of Patricia’s widowed mother “Mom” Haynes. Mom Haynes has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The disease also claimed the life of Patricia’s father Marion in March of 2007, during the time when Jon and Patricia were going through the “part swap” kidney transplant, where Patricia gave Jon a life saving kidney.

The Nemesis Team wishes to pass along its sincerest apologies to Air Racing fans and fans of Team Nemesis that they will not be seeing, and hearing the screaming sound of the “Thunderbolt” powered “Hot Pink” speedster dusting the pylons at Reno this year.

The Team had its best year ever in the thirty plus years of racing at Reno in 2009 by setting a “record a day”. Records were broken each time the plane was on the course, with qualifying record of 412+ MPH. The Team followed up the Qualifying record with heat race records each day raising the bar form 393+ MPH, to 399+ Mph, to 406+ MPH in the final heat race. This only to be topped by the sizzling Super Sport Gold Gold Race Championship speed of 407+ MPH!

The Team wishes to Thank it’s “cast of thousands” team members and sponsors for the years of support.

Stay Tuned......

The Team would also like to encourage Air Racing fans to tune to the Documentary Channel for the television debut of the Christopher Webb Film, “ AIR RACER: CHASING THE DREAM”! There is a complete list of times on documentarychannel.com & on the right hand side of this website under Quick News. The Documentary Channel can be found on DirecTV 267, and Dish Network 197, check local listings for the channel and time in your area.
“Air Racer: Chasing the Dream“ Airs July 12! 06-23-2010

"Air Racer: Chasing the Dream" premieres on The Documentary Channel on Monday, July 12, 2010.

For a complete of list of show times, please visit www.DocumentaryChannel.com. And if you would like to view the trailer go to www.AirRacerTheMovie.com.

Air racing is the world’s fastest and most dangerous motor sport. The new feature documentary "Air Racer: Chasing the Dream" follows inventor and race pilot Jon Sharp and his wife Patricia over a six-year journey to create the world’s most advanced racing airplane, the Nemesis NXT. They put everything on the line, including Jon’s life, to realize a dream that's much larger than just winning a race… they intend to change air racing forever by offering their revolutionary design to other pilots.

With the help of a close-knit team of volunteers, Jon and Patricia design, build, test, and race their cutting-edge aircraft. As they race their creation against some of the best pilots in the world, they almost lose everything during a crash landing in front of fans and competitors. Jon and
Patricia are faced with the possibility of failure after years of total commitment to their project. They must find a way to carry on and keep their dream alive if they hope to realize the true potential of what they have created. In the end, the reality of their achievement reaches so far beyond anyone’s expectations that air racing will never be the same again.

What People Are Saying

"'Air Racer' is a documentary about the elite world of air racing. The movie profiles a husband and wife team that try to create the most advanced, purpose-built air racing airplane ever built. The result is an exciting look at the competitive, but rarely seen world of air racing."

-Jason Paur, WIRED.com

"Unbelievable. Breathtaking. And above all… REAL. This is a movie about air racing that looks like it can hit the holy grail of appealing to the general public and also be something we can all get behind."

-AAFO.com, HangarTalk

"'Air Racer' is a skillful blending of the personal and technical aspects of air racing that spectators never get to see. It’s all there... The next best thing to being at the Reno Air Races. Highly recommended."

-Jack Cox, Sportsman Pilot magazine
A Week of Records 09-22-2009
Jon and Patricia Sharp and Team Nemesis could not have asked for a better week of air racing. Every time Jon flew he set at least one record! Even while experiencing moderate turbulence on the race course he kept the Lycoming Thunderbolt powered Nemesis NXT running faster than ever before. The Super Sport pilots qualified and raced on the Unlimited course this year and used the same calculated course distance as the Unlimiteds.

To recap:
Wednesday: New Super Sport Qualifying record of 412.554 mph. This speed was the 10th highest qualifying speed of the piston powered aircraft and 19th including the Jets.
Thursday: New Super Sport Heat Race record of 393.282 mph
Friday: New Super Sport Heat Race record of 399.336 mph
Saturday: New Super Sport Heat Race record of 406.051 mph
Sunday: New Super Sport Gold Race record of 407.061 mph

Jon also set another record on Sunday by winning the 15th National Championship of his career.

Jon and veteran Reno pilot John Parker were the only Super Sport pilots able to increase their speed on each subsequent flight.

The Team kept the Nemesis NXT humming along by inspecting after each race to see if anything was broken and by inspecting before every race to prevent anything from breaking. Jon flew the aircraft to with unmatched skill and managed the onboard systems to obtain maximum power like the veteran he is.

Team Nemesis 2009 consisted of: Jon, Patricia, Kevin, Daren, the 3 Steves, Phil, Lilly, Michael, Angela, Anna, Victoria, Yvette, Randy, Jay, Clarence, Tony, Kristen, Rose, Jerry, John Paul, Sean, Bob, Eric, and Brian. Special thoughts and thanks to our heavenly team of Bill, Jack, Larry, Doug, Lana, and Don. In addition, a huge thank you to our wonderful sponsors: Lycoming Thunderbolt Engines, Red Line Oil, Click Bond, Aircraft Spruce, Paul Martin Enterprises, NmXT, Cannon Insurance, Hartzell Propeller, Grove Aircraft, Aircraft Design Studio, UAV Navigation, TriTech Machine, JP Instruments, Coastal Enterprises, 3M, Kleenmaster Products and VedaloHD Sunglasses. We couldn't go so fast without you.

Photo by: Mark Johnston
Record Per Day 09-20-2009
Saturday, 9-19-09
Reno, NV

Under windy, rough conditions, Sharp astonishingly broke the ultimate race record of 406 mph, passing the coveted 400 speed in a race. This marks another first in the Super Sport Class Division.

“My Lycoming Thunderbolt Engine roared to life”, commented Jon “So I just held on & let it rip!”

Sharp's next race is the Super Sport Gold race on Sunday, Sept. 20, in the mid afternoon.
Missed it by “that much". 09-19-2009
Friday, 9-18-09
Reno, NV

NemesisNXT finished first in the Reno Super Sport Gold Heat race Friday (9/18) with a race speed of 399.33 mph. The NemesisNXT race team experienced one of those Maxwell Smart moments, with just a whisker to go for that 400 mph race. Under hot and low-wind conditions, the Nemesis NXT led the pack in one of the fastest Reno Super Sport races to date.
Another Day, Another Record! 09-18-2009
Thursday, Sept. 17
Reno, NV

Once again, Jon Sharp flew the Lycoming Thunderbolt powered NemesisNXT to a new record today during his first Super Sport heat race at a speed of 393.282 mph. Although he beat his 2008 record by only 0.062 mph, it’s still a record!

Sharp led the race from start to finish. His first lap was 404 mph, then as he pulled further away from his competition, he started slowing the plane down to a mere 383 mph per lap, give or take.

“I love this Lycoming Thunderbolt Engine”, states Jon. “It’s reliable and very fast!”

Sharp’s next heat race is tomorrow at 3:05 p.m.
Another Record, 412.554 mph! 09-17-2009
Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2009
Reno, NV

As many predicted, Jon Sharp, flying the NemesisNXT, broke another qualifying record today with a speed of 412.554 mph. This incredible speed places Sharp at the pole position for the first heat race on Thursday, Sept. 17.

Jon couldn’t have asked for more ideal weather to break this record. The air was smooth and cool with little wind. The team knew it was the perfect time for another stunning performance.

Interestingly enough, if Jon was in the Unlimited Class, he would have been placed 10th fastest. Or if you want to look at it in another way, Sharp is faster than 16 Unlimited planes.

Last year Jon broke the qualifying record in the Super Sport Class with a speed of 409 mph, the first pilot to break the 400 mph mark in the this racing class.
Reno Schedule 09-14-2009
Qualifying starts on Monday (today, Sept. 14) & goes through Wed., Sept. 16th. Each team can fly each day if they wish, but can only qualify once. The qualifying speed is the best speed of two passes.

The races begin on Thursday & goes through Sunday. The heat races are on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, with the final Gold race on Sunday. The times for each race for Team Nemesis is as follows:

Thurs. Heat Race: 11:30 am
Friday Heat Race: 3:05 pm
Sat. Heat Race: 3:05 pm
Sunday Super Sport Gold Race: 3:15 pm

The goal is to have the initial results on the scrolling box to the right in a timely manner with a press release following. Stay tuned!
Jeff Lee (512)789-6380

AUGUST 17, 2009 – PFLUGERVILLE, TX – LiveAirShowTV, in conjunction with the Reno National Championship Air Races, is celebrating the centennial of air racing with the world’s first-ever live video feed on Sunday, September 20. This history-making broadcast will cover the action of the world’s fastest sport, including the championship races in all classes, a performance by the United States Navy Blue Angels, other top air show acts and the National Aviation Heritage Invitational competition.

“We did a live audio stream last year”, says Reno Air Racing Association President/CEO Mike Houghton. “The fans really loved it, but they really wanted to see the live racing action from the World’s Fastest Motor Sport. With the economic challenges many people have this year, we are excited to have found a way for them to see Sunday’s Gold Racing finals live.”

Directing the event will be LiveAirShowTV’s President, Jeff Lee. “We’re taking what LiveAirShowTV has done at air shows earlier in the year and applying that to the enormous scope
that is the Reno Air Races”, says Lee. “This is really an experiment which we hope fills a need for those who appreciate the remarkable skill and daring of these competitors.”

The LiveAirshowTV production team includes production veterans with a passion for air racing. Producer Mark Allen is a documentary producer and commentator for air racing programs on ESPN, Discovery Wings Channel and Speedvision and has hundreds of motorsports production
credits. Allen is President of Maverick Entertainment, Inc. Airshow video specialist Mark Magin, of OnBoard Images, is providing LIVE cockpit cameras in some race planes to give
viewers the incredible sensation of speed and precision from the pilot’s point of view. Magin’s cameras will also be in airshow performer David Martin’s Breitling CAP 232.

“The only way we can pull off this ambitious broadcast is to make this a Pay Per View event,” Lee said. “A significant portion of the proceeds are being returned to Reno Air Racing to help insure this unique event can continue forever.”

The price from now until September 13 is $19.95. On September 14, the price increases to $24.95.

For more broadcast information and to order via secure online transaction, go to www.LiveAirshowTV.com.

Live worldwide Internet coverage will begin at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (1700 GMT) and continue until racing ends at approximately 4:30 p.m. local time.

“We all realize that there’s nothing like being here on the ramp, or down in the pits”, said Houghton, “but this is the next best thing.”

LiveAirShowTV - www.LiveAirShowTV.com
Reno Air Racing - www.airrace.org
Air Racer Documentary at AirVenture 07-26-2009
Christopher Webb Films has produced the documentary “Air Racer, Chasing the Dream”, that follows the Sharps through the four grueling years it took to design, build, sell kits and finally race their plane, the NemesisNXT. (http://www.christopherwebbfilms.com)

This documentary will be shown at AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, the Worlds Greatest Aviation event in the world. AirVenture begins July 27 and runs through August 2, 2009. (www.airventure.org). Following is the schedule of the screenings:

Tuesday, July. 28th - 10 AM, Screening at Sky-Scape in Museum
Thursday, July 30th - 1 PM, Screening at Sky-Scape in Museum
Saturday, Aug. 1st - 7 PM, Screening at The Theater In The Woods

To view the trailer, click on the "More Info" icon.
Most Memorable 07-21-2009
Nemesis Air Racing is pleased to announce that their record breaking 3 km Speed Blast at Oshkosh last year has been selected by the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) as one of the “Most Memorable Aviation and Space Records of 2008”.

On July 30, 2008, Jon Sharp flying the Nemesis®NXT® broke the 19 year old 3 Km C1-b record with a speed of 356 mph (573 km). This time honored record was done in front of crowd of thousands at the largest Fly-In in the world, AirVenture, in Oshkosh, WI.

The ceremony was held In Washington DC on March 26, 2009. Because of Jon Sharp’s involvement with Paul Bonhomme’s Red Bull Racing Team, Jon & Patricia were unable to attend the award event. Nemesis Air Racing Crew Chief. Steve Hill & Lilly Ingham Hill, the Team Seamstress, attended the event in their place.

NAA has been the caretaker of many of the nation's and the world's most prestigious aviation awards. Part of NAA's mission is identifying and recognizing those who have contributed to the "art, sport and science of aviation and space flight.

The Contest & Records Department of NAA oversees and certifies aviation records in the United States, serving exclusively as the national authority for all aviation record-setting activity. NAA is the U.S. representative and one of the founding members of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the international organization responsible for the coordination of air sports, competition, and certification of all aviation and space records in the world.
Looking at the Future! 12-28-2008
We have some pretty spectacular fans and we just had to share this with everyone!

After meeting these two young supporters, we don’t worry about the future of this county at all! It will be in great hands! These two are enthusiastic, determined, smart, polite and confidant. We’re proud to have met them and to call them fans.
What an honor! 12-17-2008
There is a wonderful article in the January 2009 Air and Space Magazine about Jon Sharp’s record-breaking 409 mph qualifying speed at the Reno Air Races in Sept 2008. But not only that, Jack Dailey, the Director of the National Air and Space Museum, wrote about the record in his “Viewport” on page 4. He first talked about Jimmy Doolittle and his records, and then proceeded to mention Sharp’s incredible record. A true honor!

Here is the first two paragraphs from the VIEWPORT by the director, J.R. Dailey.
Airplanes have been racing almost as long as they have been flying, and that long history has produced some of the most colorful pilots and honored traditions in aviation, not to mention some really great airplanes. Probably the most famous racing craft in the National Air and Space Museum hangs in the Pioneers of Flight gallery on the second floor of the Museum on the Mall. The Curtiss R3C-2, a dashing black biplane on floats, won the Schneider Trophy seaplane race in 1925, the same year its landplane version won the Pulitzer race trophy. A young Army lieutenant named James Doolittle startled the judges at that seaplane race by attaining an average speed of232.57 mph. The next day he flew the racer on a straight course to set a world speed record of245.7 mph.

Remembering that record makes the performance of Jon
Sharp’s NemesisNXT at this years National Championship Air Races all the more astonishing. Breaking 400 mph in a Sport Class kitplane-at the September 2008 event in Reno, Nevada-was a historic achievement and is the "milestone" in this issue’s Moments & Milestones (p. 80). Sharp and his team made history at Reno with an earlier racer, Nemesis, which won in the Formula One class (for 100-horsepower homebuilts) for nine years in a row. Nemesis is now on display at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia.
Moments & Milestones 12-17-2008
Attached is the article from the Air & Space Magazine. Just click on the "more info" icon below and it will take you to the Air & Space Mag. website.

By the way, the photo is by Daren Kimura
In one race season, he won it all 10-06-2008
Breaking the 400 mph speed barrier in the Sport Class was no small task. Breaking it at a speed of 409 mph was incredible.

Jon Sharp, designer/builder/pilot of the NemesisNXT not only broke the 400 mph record , he shattered it with a 409 mph qualifying speed! In addition, Sharp is the only active race pilot in the 45 year history of the Reno National Air Races that is not only the pilot, but also the designer & builder of the aircraft designs he races.

But...there’s more!

He has won a record 14 Gold Championships at the Reno Air Races with his record speed of 392 mph in the Gold Super Sport Class Race. Incredibly, Sharp has broken more records at the race site than any other pilot. Although, this year was exemplary! One year, 5 records!

Sharp started the 2008 season with a C1-b 3 KM record of 356 mph, breaking a 19 year old record by 25 mph at AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. He continued his record breaking ways at the Reno Air Races with a record qualifying speed of 409 mph in the Sport Class, a record Heat Race record of 393 mph, a record Super Sport Class Gold Race with a speed of 392 mph & finished up the year with a record 14 total Gold Championship Victories at the Reno Air Races.

In one race season, he won it all.

Team Nemesis owes so many thanks to so many people. So with that said...Special thanks to the "Fire Breathing" Lycoming Thunderbolt Engine, the "Awesome" Hartzell Propeller, the Powerful Grove Aircraft Landing Systems (Brakes), the “All Parts on Time” Aircraft Spruce, the “Great Service” provided by Cannon Aviation Insurance, the “Always Helpful” Paul Martin Enterprises, the “Incredible & Dependable” NmXT, the “Ones Who Started it All” Tri-Tech Machines, the Red LIne “Go Fast Lubricants”, the “Out of this World GPS Telemetry” UAV Technologies , “Let’s Build It” Coastal Enterprises and finally, the “Cast of Thousands” the team of people that make up Team Nemesis.

“Chase the Dream...Not the Competition™”
Jon Sharp
Sharp to Speak at Aircraft Spruce 09-27-2008
Jon Sharp, the pilot of the fastest Sport Class aircraft, the NemesisNXT, will be speaking at the Aircraft Spruce Super Sale Forum at 10 am at the Corona, CA facility.

“We love Aircraft Spruce!” states Sharp, “They have been sponsors of ours for over 10 years and have always been supportive of our efforts.”

Sharp will be talking about Chasing the Dream, the making of the NemesisNXT and its accomplishments.

For more information on the event http://www.aircraftspruce.com/supersale08

Hope to see you there!
14th Gold National Championship 09-21-2008
This year marks Sharp’s 30th year of racing, but more importantly, this victory is his 14th Gold Championship. No pilot in the history of air racing has ever achieved this goal! Jon Sharp is the most successful air race pilot in the world, has broken numerous speed records, achieved several aviation awards and all with his own aircraft designs!

Sharp makes this look so easy, but it could not have been possible without his incredible team, his dedicated sponsors and his extraordinary dream to create the ultimate race planes.

Team Nemesis is often referred to as a cast of thousands and although it is true there are numerous team members, every one of them brings something to the table!

Special thanks to the Team Members, Steve Hill, the Crew Chief; Kevin Luttge, the Catia Driver/ Hardware Designer; Daren Kimura, the Aero Guy/Photographer/Chef; Steve Johnson, Mechanic Extraordinaire; Doug Shoemaker, Mechanic Extraordinaire; Lilly Ingham-Hill, Seamstress/Press/Merchandise; Mike Rosales, The Painter; Mike Fowler, The Painter; Tony Chan, The Painter; Randy Moody, Press/Chef; Phil Lane; Hydraulic Specialists; Angie Lane, Merchandise/Team Support; Angela Rosales, Merchandise/Team Support; Paul Martin, Team Support/Sponsor; Hope Martin, Photographer; Mirco Pecorari, Web Master/ Paint Scheme Designer/Team Support; Bob Callendar, Team Support; Kristen, Team Support; Stacy, Team Support. Truly without them all, none of this would be possible.

Also special thanks to all our sponsors who have been with us for years: Lycoming/Thunderbolt Engines, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, Grove Aircraft Landing Systems, Cannon Insurance, Paul Martin Enterprises, NmXT, Tri-Tech Machines, Red Line Oil, JP Instruments, UAV Technologies and Hartzell Propellers.

And finally, this 2008 Gold Championship and the week of records at the Reno Air Races are dedicated to the memory of Team Members Lana Saliber (Reno Mom) and Larry Longmire (Mechanic and Machinist Extraordinaire/Sponsor) who have joined our Heavenly Team.

Photo by Mathew Russell
On Sunday, September 15th, Jon Sharp and Team Nemesis finished the intense week of competition with a record Super Sport Gold race speed of 392 mph.

It was an amazing end to a week dominated by the Lycoming Thunderbolt powered NemesisNXT that began on Wed, September 10th. After a few practice laps, Sharp rocketed into the exclusive 400 mph club, previously reserved for pilots of the Unlimiteds and Jets, by putting up an unprecedented 409 mph qualifying speed, beating his own one year old record by 22 mph! This made Nemesis the 11th fastest piston-powered racing aircraft on the airport and the 18th fastest of any type! Sharp led all three heat races leading up to his Gold win from start to finish with speeds of 393 (a heat race record) on Thursday, 388 mph on Friday, and finally 378 mph on Saturday, Sept. 14th.

(photo by Daren Kimura)
Heat Race 2A 09-13-2008

Today was another glorious day at Reno with the Nemesis speeding around the course, moving closer to the team goal of an average race speed of 400 mph. The Lycoming Thunderbolt engine performed flawlessly as Jon Sharp led the field throughout the race. Jon finished at a race speed over 17 mph faster than his closest competitor.

Jon will start from the pole position again tomorrow for heat race 3A. Check the side bar to the right for immediate updates.
Another day, another record 09-12-2008

Jon Sharp, flying the Lycoming Thunderbolt powered NemesisNXT, dominated the Super Sport Heat 1A Race on Thursday with a speed of 393 mph. This is the fastest Heat Race speed ever in the history of Sport Class.

Sharp had the pole position for the race. He simply gave the Thunderbolt Engine some throttle and sped away. The fist lap timed at approximately 401 mph. Other than the speed, the race had the reminiscence of the original Nemesis being half a lap ahead and lapping the competition.

Each heat race in the Super Sport Class is 6 laps and begins with an air start with the 8 planes all in a line. There is a total of 3 heat races that occur Thursday (9-11), Friday and Saturday. The results of the races positions the aircraft for the next heat race and for the final Gold race on Sunday.

For clarification, there are two divisions in the Sport Class. One is called simply Sport Class and the other is Super Sport. The Sport Class is limited to 650 cu in and is not allowed to use ADI (anti detonation injection) and other goodies like that. The Super Sport can have up to 1000 cu in & can ADI, nitrous oxide, and other fun stuff.
It’s Official! 409 MPH!!! WOW! 09-10-2008
400 mph Barrier Falls - A New Qualifying Record

The stands at Reno were quiet and the air was calm when Jon Sharp started the Lycoming Thunderbolt engine of the Nemesis NXT to qualify for the 2008 Reno Air Races.

After a few laps around the course, Jon called for timing to begin for his two qualifying laps. Team members were ready with their stopwatches as he flew the precise line of the course.

Jon gently applied the spurs to the Nemesis Lycoming IO-540 engine, unleasing the tremendous engine power and qualifying first in a field of 22 competitors with a new record, 409.297 miles per hour! This beat his previous qualifying record of 386.9, set last year, by over 20 mph.

"You just saw history being made" said Steve Hill, crew chief of the Nemesis Team.

Although it may have looked easy for Team Nemesis to capture this record, , the day before proved that the gremlins are alive and well. With two (2) opportunities to qualify on the new course Tuesday, Jon Sharp elected to stay on the ground due to faulty instrumentation. This was repaired by the Herculean efforts of the pit crew led by Crew Chief Steve Hill by end of the day Tuesday.

Jon now has the enviable pole position in the start of racing, which begins tomorrow.

(Photo by Daren Kimura)
It’s Reno Time!!! 09-09-2008
As the week progresses check out the “quick notes” side bar of this website for immediate information on qualifying, race speeds, etc.

First the recaps:

Monday, 08 Sept 08; Practice

The day was limited to a practice flight for observing and to become familiar with the new course layout. Our champion pilot, Jon Sharp, flew his NXT spectacularly in a straight line throughout the course with the Lycoming Thunderbolt engine roaring.

Scheduled During the Week:

Tuesday 09 Sep through Wednesday 10 Sep; Qualifying

Individual qualifying and practice runs are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The Sport Class is scheduled to fly in the mornings and afternoons when we get a chance to see what the competition has brought to race with. The pilots may choose to practice or qualify during their time on the course. Each pilot must qualify by the end of the final qualification session on Wednesday afternoon.

After qualifying ends, pilots are sorted into classes by their qualifying speed. Silver and Gold classes are made up by pilot’s qualifying speed alone, then the entire Sport class is divided into Sport and Super Sport.

The original Sport Class airplanes are limited to 650 cubic inches and must burn standard aviation fuel however, they are not allowed to use turbo-charging or nitrous oxide.

Super Sport is a modified class of Sport racing airplanes created last year at Reno. Planes in the Super Sport class are limited to a whopping 1,000 cubic inches, may use anti-detonation injection, turbo or supercharging, nitrous oxide and have the freedom to use any fuel of choice.

Thursday 11 Sep; Racing!

Actual racing begins Thursday with competitive qualification heats. These are actual races between pilots and their planes that continue through to the Sunday Gold Race final. The pilots are sorted into heats based on the previous days’ qualifying speed. The results of each heat race determine the order in which the pilots are placed for the follow on races on Friday and Saturday.

Friday 12 Sep Through Saturday 13 Sep: Heat Finals

The Saturday heat race final results determine the lineup for racing in the Silver or Gold races. Super Sport racers compete in the Super Sport class race regardless of speed.

Sunday 14 Sep: The Big Kahuna!

The final race for all the marbles is on Sunday and that’s where it counts!
Eaglesoft and Nemesis Air Racing partner 07-30-2008
Eaglesoft and Nemesis Air Racing partner to bring the Nemesis NXT to Flight Simulator

Nemesis Air Racing is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Eaglesoft Development Group to develop an add-on enhancement to the Microsoft simulator platform of the Nemesis® NXT®. This will be the very first time a racer aircraft of this caliber has been placed into a flight simulator!

Owen Hewitt of Eaglesoft is the spearhead of the project. He is currently a Microsoft® MVP for Flight Simulator and has been creating add-on aircraft for Microsoft® platform since 2001. His expertise is in 3-D model creation, texturing and animation, and sound package development. Some of his most notable creations include the FSD T-38, the Eaglesoft Piper Twin Comanche and soon the Nemesis®NXT®.
Keep Updated! 07-30-2008
Keep updated wth the current news at AirVenture! just click on the "more info" below!
New “mini” Website! 07-10-2008
Nemesis Air Racing is proud to announce the new “Speed Blast” website that will keep everyone up to date on the upcoming NemesisNXT Speed Blast at AirVenture. It’s actually a “mini” website that can be accessed with just a click through this site.

The new “mini” site includes all the new press releases for the Speed Blast, info on the speed record attempts and any other exciting news (hint, hint) that Nemesis Air Racing will be releasing. So click away on the "more info" icon below!
In The News! 05-30-2008
Sharp’s upcoming Speed Blast at AirVenture 2008 is on the AirVenture.Org Website. Take a look!

Click on the "More Info" at the bottom of this box to go directly to the link.
NemesisNXT® 2008 AIRVENTURE™ Speed Blast 03-13-2008
Nemesis Air Racing will once again perform a 3 Km Speed Record attempt during the week at the 2008 AIRVENTURE™, July 28 through Aug. 3rd in Oshkosh, WI. AIRVENTURE is the largest aviation event in the world that attracts over 800,000 spectators from around the globe.

The goal of this Speed Blast is to break the current C1-b category, 3 km record of 331 mph that was set in 1989 by Richard Gritter in a Venture aircraft. And, if time allows, and speed is with him, Jon Sharp, flying his NemesisNXT®, will make numerous attempts to break record after record.

The 3 km speed record covers a 3 km, straight-line course with rules and restrictions set by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), an international aviation record governing organization. Four passes through the timing gates are required and there is an altitude limit of 1500 ft. at any time during the flight, and 500 feet while on the course. The category specifies the type and weight of the aircraft. Thus the C1-b category is land planes with a take off weight of 1102 - 2205 lbs (500 to 1000 kg).

The 3 km speed record is one of the oldest and most prestigious of all aviation records. In order to set a new record the current record must be exceeded by minimum of one percent. So doing the math, Team Nemesis must exceed 334.31 mph.

This is not the first time Sharp has attempted the 3 km speed record. He has successfully broken it 3 times with the original Nemesis, twice at AIRVENTURE™ and once at Mojave. After numerous records, the Nemesis was retired in 2000 and is proudly on display in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

Although, this is the first time for this weight category for Team Nemesis and the first 3 km record attempt for the NemesisNXT®.

“It’s going to be really exciting having the NemesisNXT® screaming back and forth on runway 18-36 at full song and then some! And what a treat for us to be back on the 3 km course at AIRVENTURE.”, states Sharp.

Currently, Jon Sharp and the NemesisNXT® hold 3 race records and two Gold National Championships (2006 & 07) in the Sport Class at the Reno National Air Races. The records include a 2007 qualifying record of 386.9 mph, a ’07 heat race record of 384.7 mph and a ’07 Gold race record of 385.6 mph.

The NemesisNXT® is powered by the world class Lycoming TIO540-NXT engine and sports a sleek Hartzell Propeller, all key factors for all the records so far!

The NemesisNXT® quest for perfection is inspired by their sponsors: Lycoming Engines, NmXT, Tri-Tech Machine, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co., Hartzell Propeller, JP Instruments, Grove Aircraft, Aircraft Studio Design, Paul Martin Enterprises, Coastal Enterprises and Red Line Racing Oil, all of whom are dedicated to continuous improvements in their products and service.
Cover Shot! 03-08-2008
During the 2007 Reno Air Races, Jon Sharp had an extraordinary opportunity to met and interview with Jan Peters from a German Magazine called “Flieger”.

The result, a cover shot on the March 2008 issue and (as been explained by some of the Team’s German Friends) an excellent article.

“This is exciting!” states Sharp, “Especially since we were just over in Germany after Reno.”

In addition, Team Nemesis fortunately has German friends whose living is translating, so the Team will be able to enjoy the article in English.
National Air-Racing Group Banquet 02-23-2008
Air Race Gold Champion, Jon Sharp, will be the keynote speaker at the National Air-Racing Group (NAG) Annual Meeting and Banquet Saturday, March 1st, 2008.

“This is a true honor”, states Sharp, “The NAG volunteers provide countless hours organizing and distributing air race results, pairings and performing other vital functions to support air racing.”

Championships and speed records are not foreign to Sharp and Team Nemesis®. In the 29 years of air racing, Sharp has won 13 Gold Championships, broke over 16 world speed records with the original Nemesis® and is starting the record breaking string with the Nemesis NXT®. At the 2007 Reno Air Races, Team Nemesis® won the Super Sport Gold race and set three new speed records in the process.

Jon will be sharing air race videos, speed secrets and announcements of future endeavors during his presentation. In addition, Team Nemesis® will donate Neme-Wear, team posters and other goodies to NAG for their door prizes.

The Banquet will be held at Francesco’s Restaurant located at 8520 Pardee Dr, Oakland, CA. Social hour begins at 6 p.m., with Dinner at 7 p.m. For reservations contact John Clark @ editornag@comcast.net or 209-537-2531.

Photo by Victor Archer 2007
13 Championships, 29 years 09-16-2007
Reno National Air Races
Super Sport Gold Race
Sept. 16, 2007

With breathtaking speed, Jon Sharp piloted the mighty Lycoming Powered Nemesis NXT to his 13th National Championship Air Race victory. With the relentless pursuit of Kevin Eldridge in #42 and in spite of severe turbulence on the course, Jon set a new race record of 385.650 mph. Jon s victory also places him in elite company with only one other pilot having as many championships, Ray Cote. This year marks Sharp s 29th year racing at the Reno National Air Races.

Fast Fact:
Jon s record qualifying speed of 386.904 earned him the Sport Class Rocketeer Trophy for the most improved speed from 2006 and broke the previous mark by 25 mph. Jon qualified faster than 13 Unlimited racers and more than 100 mph faster than half of the Sport Class.

Team Nemesis consists of a cast of thousands including Jon, Patricia, the four Steves, Kevin, Darin, Elliot, Eric, Krista, Lana, Michael, Mike, Randy, Phil, Angie, Larry, Dave, Paul, Hope, Jennifer, Lilly, John, Jessica, Yvette, and Angela.
Another Record! 09-15-2007
Reno, NV Reno Air Races
Heat #2, Super Sport Class

Jon Sharp, flying the Lycoming powered NemesisNXT, screamed past the finish line with a record speed of 384.784 mph. This makes the second race record for this week for Team Nemesis. Earlier in the week, Sharp set a new qualifying record of 386.9 mph.

Sharp started the race second next to fellow NXT driver, Kevin Eldredge. On the second lap Sharp passed Eldredge and eventually lapped 3 other planes in the process. From the grandstands it looked like the original Nemesis doing what it did best, go fast.

Sharp will once again start in the pole position for the Super Sport Gold race on Sunday, Sept. 16th.
Race results for Sept 13th 09-13-2007
With a blazing speed of 365.154 miles per hour, Jon Sharp thundered past the checkered flag at the Reno Air Races today. The Lycoming Thunderbolt TIO 540 engine purred with contentment throughout the first six-lap heat race of the Super Sport Gold class in 2007.

The closest competitor was the Relentless NXT, which followed Jon by approximately 11 seconds. After the race ended, Jon “fessed up” to cutting the guide pylon during the puzzling start of the race. According the race rules, cutting a pylon results in a 12 second penalty, putting Jon in second place.

The Nemesis Air Racing team congratulates Kevin Eldredge and Team Relentless NXT on their first place finish in today’s race.
We did it! 09-12-2007
Reno Air Races
Reno, NV

Jon Sharp, pilot of the NemesisNXT, qualified this morning with a speed of 386.9 mph, a new record for the Sport Class! The Lycoming Thunderbolt TIO 540 engine really did its job!

Sharp is accustom to setting records with the original Nemesis, but this is the first record for the NemesisNXT. “Our goal was 400 mph, but we’ll take this speed!"comments Steve Hill, crew chief for the NXT.

The first heat race is tomorrow, Sept.13th. Obviously, Sharp has the pole!
Holy Cow! 09-11-2007
Reno Air Races
Reno, NV

Jon Sharp flying the NemesisNXT took the course this morning for one more practice flight. The first lap was only a tick over 360 mph. It was the second lap that made the Teams jaw drop. 390 plus lots of change mph! Holy Cow!

Looks like it’s time to qualify and tomorrow looks like the day!
Another Flight 09-10-2007
Reno Air Races
Reno, NV

Sharp, piloting the NemesisNXT, flew yet another perfect practice flight on Monday afternoon, Sept. 10th.

“We’re checking out various systems,” comments Steve Hill crew chief of the NemesisNXT, of course, with a smile!

Without any effort and a bit of a surprise for the team, Sharp flew a 355 mph lap. “I was just loafing! What a pleasant surprise!” comments Sharp.

Sharp is expected to get on the course again on Tuesday, Sept. 11.

Quick Update 09-09-2007
Reno Air Races
Reno, NV

Saturday, Sept. 8th
NemesisNXT, flown by Jon Sharp with his wife Patricia as co-pilot, arrived at the Reno Stead Airport in record speed. “We even passed an airliner! We’ve always wanted to do that!” states Sharp. The Stead Airport hosts the Reno National Air Races.

When asked the speed, there was only a smile!

Let the racing begin.

Sunday, Sept. 9th:
Sharp flew some practice flights around the new Sport Class course. The course has changed a bit so the crowd gets a better view of the Sport Class races.

Qualifying for the Sport Class begins Monday, September 10, and continues on until Wednesday, September 12.

There hasn’t been any word yet when Sharp plans to qualify, although Sharp is scheduled to fly Mon., Sept. 10th.
12 National Titles And Counting 09-07-2007
Two with AeroMagic (Formula One)
Nine with Nemesis (Formula One)
One with NemesisNXT…so far. (Sport Class)

Team Nemesis sites are set on the lucky 13 this year. The Thirteenth Gold National Championship at the Reno Air Races, that is. Racing the NemesisNXT, Sharp will be competing in the new Super Sport Class.

Although Super Sport follows the same qualifications as the original Sport Class (kit aircraft, 5 delivered, blaa, blaa, blaa), it does offer some speed differences. The aircraft must be powered by a reciprocating engine of 1000 cu in or less and capable of 300 mph qualification lap speed. But the greatest change is that the aircrafts are allowed to use water/alcohol based anti-detonation injection (ADI), alternative fuels (nitrous oxide, etc) and….

Ah so typical of the Team Nemesis, a group of engineers with the “Skunkworks” fortitude, quietly work away getting ready for the Reno Air Races. You can tell something is up with those sly smiles on their faces. Complacency is not their style. Accomplishments are.
Double Wow! 09-06-2007
Yet another honor was bestowed upon Nemesis Air Racing! The NemesisNXT is in the EAA 2008 calendar in the month of February, which just happens to be Patricia Sharp’s birthday month. How thoughtful of them!

Check it out!
What an honor! 09-05-2007
Nemesis Air Racing was more than honored and very humbled when Plane & Pilot (www.planeandpilotmag.com) chose the NemesisNXT design as one of the “10 Sexiest Planes Ever” in their September issue. Although Team Nemesis always strives to be first, the NXT design was third following two very beautiful planes, the Spitfire and the Beech Staggerwing. Both obviously well deserved their “sexy” status.

“Wow! We are so honored to have our design chosen! And to top it off our design is right up there with two incredible designs! We feel like we’re in good company!” states Jon Sharp, designer and pilot of the NemesisNXT. “

But it was what was written that truly made Team Nemesis smile and blush a bit. If you haven’t read the article, please let us indulge you…

As written by Budd Davisson of Plane and Pilot regarding the NemesisNXT,
“Can you say speed incarnate” The Jon Sharp-designed NemesisNXT looks like the girl in class with the “nice but nasty” look who we were all afraid to ask for a date for fear she’d say “yes”. This isn’t an airplane – it’s a piece of highly active (and vaguely scary) art. The NXT was bred for the racetrack but made available to those within the pilot population with the correct combination of testosterone, skill and money. With a blown TSIO-540 Lyc up front, you know it’s fast, but the Nemesis Website gives only tantalizing hints of the speeds (“breathtakingly fast”). Official records at Reno, however, show it to be running around the pylons at well over 300 knots and that’s with a totally stock engine. With 90 gallons of fuel and 300-plus-knot cruise speed, you and (as Nemesis puts it) “an adventurous friend” could do some serious traveling. Just don’t plan on carrying much baggage.”

“We’re like proud parents”, comments Sharp, designer and pilot of the NemesisNXT. “Our team (sometimes referred to as a cast of thousands) is also very pleased and very proud! It looks like our kid has graduated with a PHD. She’s smart and pretty!”
Pilot 2007 Upgrade Kit 08-17-2007
Race Pilot Jon Sharp recently went through a pilot upgrade in early 2007. Using a FAA approved, certified used part # k1dn3y, happily provided by the Spousal Unit Parts Enhancement Department, LLC (S.U.P.E.D.), Sharp was upgraded successfully and is back to full pilot status.

Sharp flew through the upgrade without a hitch, as did the co-pilot, proprietor of S.U.P.E.D., LLC.

The warranty on the replacement part is said to rival GM’s ten year, 100,000 mile warranty, but terms of the warranty have not been disclosed (but it is rumored to be closer to Chrysler’s lifetime warranty).

For those that do not regularly read FAA paperwork and would prefer it written in plain (or is that plane?) English, Jon did go through a successful kidney transplant earlier this year. His wife, Patricia Sharp, was the loving donor.

Kidney failure comes in many forms, such as cancer, kidney disease, genetics, diabetes, lupus, etc. and is a very insidious process. The true cause of Jon’s kidney failure is not known, but genetics (one irregular kidney) was a factor.

The Sharps were blessed to discover the kidney failure early and were able to stave off dialysis through diet and exercise for over a year prior to the operation. In addition, they were very blessed to have the transplant done at the UCLA Medical Center.

There are so many people the Sharps would like to thank. Steve Hill, crew chief, for all his help in keeping the Nemesis Air Racing business going, Kevin Luttge, team member, for all his help, Nancy Banks (Patricia’s sister) for her care giving, Mark & Della Brewer for all their help (the Sharps wonderful neighbors), and all the friends who called and kept the Sharps in their prayers.

Special thanks to Dr. Coussens AME, Dr. Silberman of the FAA, Dr. Gritsch of UCLA (the input doctor), Dr. Schulam of UCLA (export doctor) and Dr. Danovitch (the big cheese at UCLA).
Reno Recap 09-22-2006
Gold Heat race # 1 - Thursday, Sept. 14:
3rd place with a speed of 329 mph in extremely windy weather

Gold Heat race # 2 - Friday, Sept. 15:
2nd place with a speed of 319 mph in another blustery day!

Gold Heat race # 3 - Saturday, Sept. 16:
3rd place with a speed of 343 mph. The weather was improving.

Gold Race - Sunday, Sept. 17,:
First Place with a speed of 360 mph. Beautiful day!

Team inside information:
The press person did not get fired, but she did end up very sick on Sunday. The team threw her a pity party! The party did improve her spirits!

For additional detalis, click on the "more info" link.
Heat 2, 2nd Place 09-16-2006
Friday, Sept. 16, 2006

First of all, we must fire this press person who is always a day late and a dollar short with the press releases. Here is a recap of Reno Air Races ? Sport Class Gold ? Heat Race 2 on September 16th.

Before the race, nine planes were ready to launch, yet only six of those finished without minor maydays. At the end of the race, all pilots had landed safely but three of them were cussing!

Jon Sharp had nothing but praise for his NemesisNXT, which took second place on another extremely windy, cold afternoon. ?It was turbulent out there but still felt great? Jon said as he climbed out of the cockpit.

Next step will be the third heat race late Saturday afternoon.
Gentlemen, you have a race! 09-15-2006
In an overcast, blustery afternoon, Jon Sharp flew the NemesisNXT to a third place finish with a speed of 329 mph during the first Sport Class Gold heat race on Thursday, Sept. 14.

?It was extremely bumpy and being only Thursday, it was wise to save the engine until later in the week?, stated Jon.

The Team Engineers have been pouring over engine data for that extra something. Those sly smiles leads one to believe that they might have more up their sleeves.

Friday?s heat race is set for 3:50 pm.
Stock Engine and no ADI! 09-14-2006

In chilly morning air, the NemesisNXT qualified today. Posting 351.565 mph on a stock Lycoming TIO540 engine, earned Sharp the third fastest qualifier in the Sport Class race group.

This qualifying speed is more than 25 mph faster than the last two years for the NemesisNXT. Obviously Team Nemesis has been hard at work this past year and rumor has it that there is more power to be had.

The first heat race is tomorrow in the late afternoon. The race schedule has yet to be distributed.

Not Yet! 09-13-2006
Team Nemesis originally planned on qualifying the NXT in the afternoon session today. Although, according to the team, due to a schedule setback and extended ground run time, the team decided to the delay qualifying time until Wednesday.

Fear not, NemesisNXT will not be the only race plane to qualify tomorrow. There are still a handful that have yet to take the clock.

Stay tuned!
Beautiful Flight 09-12-2006
Beautiful Flight

Its official, racing preparations have begun!

Today was the first day that each race class of pilots had the opportunity to get on the course, if they choose to do so. The Sport Class was given an early afternoon flight time, of which Team Nemesis eagerly took advantage.

After long briefings in the morning, Jon Sharp and Team Nemesis began the pre-flight operations, fervent to take flight. The weather was more than perfect, as was the flight.

?This was the best flight I have had at Reno with this plane!? states Jon Sharp, the pilot of Nemesis.

Qualifying begins tomorrow and continues through Wednesday.
Sunday, Sept. 10, Reno NV 09-12-2006
Make that double wow!

It was another beautiful, extraordinary, enjoyable flights?yes, flights! Today and tomorrow the qualifying schedules include a late morning and early afternoon flight times, with a possibility for a qualifying time on Wednesday morning.

With three qualifying flights under their belt, Team Nemesis is scheming when they will take the clock. The team has been studying the engine data after each flight that is downloaded from the JP Instrumentt, EDM 900. There are more laptops in their pit than engineers and that is saying a lot!

Stay tuned!
Ready for Reno 09-06-2006
It a matter of days before Team Nemesis leaves for the Reno Air Races. All test flights have been completed, the pilot is geared up and the powerful TI0540 Lycoming engine is ready for competition.

The flight to and from Oshkosh proved to be a valuable source of information for the team. Complete engine data has been downloaded from the JPI EDM-900, including fuel flow, cruise performance and of course, some speed data.

The NXT was able to cruise at 225 kts (yes, that slow) and burn 8 to 9 gallons of fuel or by pushing on the ?go fast? knob, turn it up to a nice cruise of 295 kts and burn 15-16 gallons of fuel. The flight from Moriarty, NM to Mojave, take off to touchdown (including a departure fly by), was done in 2 hours 5 minutes, a cruise speed much preferred by both Jon and Patricia.

As for the speed data...you?ll just have to wait until Reno!
Nemesis Cleared for Landing, 36L, Oshkosh 07-24-2006
Jon & Patricia Sharp, in the NemesisNXT, landed at Oshkosh AirVenture, 10:21 AM local time. ?We have arrived!? exclaims Jon.

Kevin Eldredge, President of SLO Air flew chase in his beautiful Glasair with the NXT from Mojave, CA to AirVenture. (Of course, Jon slowed down so the two could stay in formation.) Blue skies and smooth air blessed the twosome all the way

?What an awesome trip in an awesome airplane! ?, states Sharp.

More to come!

Stay tuned for updates from...
Off to Oshkosh! 07-14-2006
It has been six years since a Nemesis has been to AirVenture, and that was to retire the plane to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Not so this time.

Jon Sharp, flying the NemesisNXT, will be attending AirVenture 2006, a first for this design. ?We are truly looking forward to Oshkosh. This is such a perfect event to display the NXT?, states Sharp.

The NXT is a high performance, two place, all carbon fiber kit aircraft powered by the world class Lycoming TI0-540 and a Hartzell three-blade propeller. An ultimate in personal transportation, where heads winds just don?t matter.

In a matter of six years, Team Nemesis went from a drawing on a bar napkin to delivering a total of 7 kits, an extraordinary feat for a small handful of people that makes up Team Nemesis.

In 2005, Nemesis Air Racing signed an exclusive agreement with SLO Air Inc. to manufacture and distribute the Nemesis NXT Sport Aircraft kit. It was SLO Air, Inc. that delivered the first international kit sale, developed an exquisite manufacturing facility and outstanding customer support center. ?AirVenture is the ideal venue to show this extraordinary plane and, all that SLO Air, Inc. has to offer?, declares Kevin Eldredge, President of SLO Air.

AirVenture truly is the Greatest Aviation Celebration in the world. So, mark your calendars this year from July 24th to July 30th. As they say ?You gotta be there?!
First International Delivery 06-14-2006
NXT Kit number 7 was delivered to its new owner, Ron Simard, in Panama, South America this month. This kit is a milestone, for not only for being the first international sale, but also this project was built entirely by SLO Air, Inc. of San Luis Obispo, CA, the new distributor for this stunning kit.

Under the close scrutiny of Jon and Patricia Sharp, Kit 7 was built and shipped from the new manufacturing facility in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. This marks the formal transition of the manufacturing and direct support of the NXT program to SLO Air Inc. from Nemesis Air Racing.

?This has certainly been an important step for the project and shows we can handle the task of manufacturing and delivering the Nemesis NXT kit. Supporting Mr. Simard is our next task and we are looking forward to making his experience building his NXT an enjoyable one?, states Kevin Eldredge, President of SLO Air Inc.

Mr. Simard took advantage of the expertise at SLO Air by utilizing the Builder Assistance Program. During his 10 day stay in one of the suites at the factory, he completed the fuel cell and trimmed/fitted nearly every part of his new NXT kit. Mr. Simard is an ideal owner for the NXT in that he has built his own Glasair III and has spent the past five years helping several friends complete various other kit aircraft. He is well on his way to building a beautiful NXT and is brimming with ideas for his creation. He has already purchased and received his newly rebuilt Lycoming 720 that he intends on installing in his NXT.

SLO Air Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Nemesis NXT Aircraft Kit. Information about the kit is available at www.sloair.com and www.NemesisNXT.com.
Oshkosh Bound 05-25-2006
Jon Sharp, with the NemesisNXT, is currently planning the 1600 nautical mile cross-country trip to AirVenture this year in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. With an average speed of 350 mph the seemingly long trip swiftly becomes shorter.

The NemesisNXT will be on display at AirVenture, allowing everyone to get an up close look at this two place, all molded carbon fiber speedster. Powered by a world class Lycoming TIO-540-NXT and a Hartzell Three Bladed Propeller, the NXT is a high performance personal transportation aircraft available in kit form.

AirVenture, billed as the Worlds Greatest Aviation Event, is truly the largest pilgrimage for pilots worldwide. Each year this event attracts over thousands of aviation enthusiasts and a vast array of aircraft, everything from the simple to the complex and beyond. It is a seven-day event beginning July 24 and ending July 30 in Oshkosh, WI. For more information on the event, please visit www.airventure.org.
Extraordinary Pilot, Incredible Odds 04-14-2006

No Image

On April 11th, Kevin Eldredge developed a major oil leak in his NXT racer- Relentless, after a jolt from high level wind sheer rocked the aircraft at 12,500' over the rugged New Mexico mountains. Gliding for approximately 5 miles with an oil covered canopy and smoke in the cockpit, Kevin's extraordinary pilot skills guided him to a tiny dirt strip just outside Glenwood, NM. Touching down at about 130 kts and unable to see through the oil streaked windshield, Kevin drifted to the left and into the rocks bordering the runway. When he eventually came to rest, Kevin opened the canopy and stepped out uninjured.

Examination by the NXT factory reveled that, contrary to early reports, the aircraft did not catch fire and the airframe itself is intact.

More news on the cause of this incident will be available as the investigation continues.
Air Race Champion Jon Sharp to speak @ EAA Banquet 01-23-2006
Jon Sharp, 11-time winner at the Reno Air Races, is the headline speaker for the Experimental Aircraft Association Annual Installation and Awards Banquet to be held on Saturday, January 28, 2006, at the Exodus Air Center, Fox Airfield, Lancaster, CA.
Over the last 5 years Jon and Patricia Sharp have been designing and developing the NemesisNXT (Neoteric eXperimental Technology) kit. Designed from the ground up to be one of the fastest piston engine airplanes ever built, the NXT is the ultimate in personal transportation. A total of 6 complete kits have been delivered to date.
NemesisNXT made it?s d?but in June 2004 at Mojave Airport surprising everyone as Sharp taxied the flawless, sleek racer up behind the crowd of spectators. Spontaneous applause was followed by awestruck silence as each person felt the urge to get closer to this magnificent new flying machine.
Jon Sharp, is a senior material engineer at Lockheed as well as a most competitive air racer. He said, ?Competition drives us in everything we do and racing is in my blood. I've learned what is most important to me is being the best I can be, as a builder as well as a pilot.?
The original, award-winning, Nemesis was retired to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in 2000, after 47 victories in 50 races, setting 16 world speed records. It proudly sets in the new Udvar Hazy Museum at Dullas Airport in Washington D.C. Sharp and his wife Patricia Sharp, also a pilot, built the plane from a kit with a team of experts.
NemesisNXT will be on display at the EAA Awards Banquet and all attendees will have the opportunity to admire the craftsmanship and take pictures of the lustrous speedy aircraft.
EAA Chapter 49 was started in Palmdale, California in 1959. Each EAA Chapter is a support group for people building their own homebuilt aircraft and the mission of the National EAA Aviation Foundation's Young Eagle Program is to provide a motivational aviation experience to youths wishing to participate, focusing on demonstration flights by members of various chapters covering all of the U.S. and even into other continents in the world.
The 2006 EAA Awards Banquet Social hour will begin at 5:00 p.m., dinner catered by Johnny Carino, Italian Restaurant will be served at 6:00 and the program will be presented at 7:00 p.m.
For tickets, ($25.00 per person) or more information, please contact Wen Painter at 661.824.2907, Dave Cleveland at 661.944.3934 or email Rosales@bigfoot.com.
Worldwide Exclusive Agreement 12-16-2005
Nemesis Air Racing today signed a worldwide exclusive agreement with Kevin Eldredge, owner of SLO Air Inc. to manufacture and distribute the Nemesis NXT Sport Aircraft kit.

Over the last 5 years Jon and Patricia Sharp have been designing and developing the NXT kit. Designed from the ground up to be one of the fastest piston engine airplanes ever built, the NXT is the ultimate in personal transportation. A total of 6 complete kits have been delivered to date.

SLO Air's 12,500 foot facility at the San Luis Obispo, Ca airport will provide the program with world-class manufacturing, and customer support to match the world class NXT. Delivery of the first NXT production kit will be March 1st, 2006 with subsequent deliveries every two months through 2006. At press time the first two delivery positions where taken and several others are pending now that the formal distribution agreement is finalized.

Jon Sharp, a 12-time winner at the Reno Air Races, is also senior material engineer at Lockheed.
Jon explains, ?Competition drives us in everything we do. Racing is in my blood, and the thought of handing the competition an NXT to race against me can be a little unnerving. I've learned however, that what is most important to me is being the best I can be, as a builder as well as a pilot.?

"Our partnership with SLO Air Inc is simply another significant step in many that brings us closer our dream of offering this extraordinary aircraft worldwide." notes Patricia Sharp. ?I?m thrilled to have Kevin Eldredge join us in our quest. Kevin was one of the first to purchase and fly the NXT kit and as you will soon find out is as exited as we are about the experience.
His obvious enthusiasm and the business experience are a welcome addition to our team.?

Work is progressing on SLO Air?s first production kit. ?With the close assistance and supervision of every aspect from material selection to final production from the Sharps, I am confident we will deliver a truly exceptional kit aircraft and building experience for our customers,? explains Eldredge.

Additional information about the Nemesis NXT is available at www.nemesisnxt.com and soon www.sloair.com
Yikes! 10-03-2005
This photo, provided by our friend Matt Russell shows Jon and the Nemesis NXT just seconds after he declared a Mayday during the race on Friday. At the time the photo was shot, he was going about 320 mph. The photo is especially helpful because it shows the problem to be far bigger than the team thought. Instrumented flight tests had shown the
vibrations were coming from the right outer gear door, and were about 1/4" in amplitude. They didn't show how far the door was opening before the vibration started.

"Now that we know what causes the problem, it will be much easier to fix." said Sharp. The team was also relieved that he has stopped eyeing the welding equipment with thoughts of returning to the world of fixed gear airplanes.
Another mayday, another 3rd place 09-19-2005
The vibration problem that has been plaguing the Nemesis team for months reared its head again today, forcing Jon Sharp to mayday out on the first lap of the Gold Final today.

Kevin Eldredge using a stock 350 hp engine, finished 3rd, about 10 seconds behind John Parker in the 700 hp Thunder Mustang.

Coincidentally, Parker has inquired about the price of the kit. (It's $129,500, about $156,000 less than his current ride.)
Today ends a very long and interesting week 09-18-2005
To racap:

Wednesday: Qualifying

Jon Sharp in the Nemesis NXT racer qualified today at 323.381 mph. Not setting a qualifying record is a new experience for the team, but this speed puts the racer solidly in the Sport Gold Class.

Tomorrow, Jon takes to the air and races the NXT on the unlimited racecourse, home to the fastest airplanes in the world.

Thursday: Scratch

For the first time in over 28 years of air racing, Jon Sharp scratched in today?s heat race. ?Racing at over 300 mph is no place to be if you?re not feeling 100%,? Sharp said. The team has been preparing for this race since 1999, and so are obviously disappointed, but absolutely nothing is more important to any of them than Jon?s health and safety.

Thursday: Congratulations Kevin

(Thursday) Kevin Eldredge in the NXT Relentless turned laps of over 346 mph behind a box stock Lycoming TIO-540. He placed 3rd behind John Parker in a 700 hp Thunder Mustang, and Daryl Greenamyer in a 600 hp Lancair Legacy. Not a bad first showing.

Friday: Jon is Back

Eye drops and rest were all Jon needed. He's back in the saddle today, ready for a 4:25 pst heat race. Results (unofficial) will be posted about 5 pm.

Friday: Mayday

Further fueling crys of "Sandbagging," Jon declared a mayday after a lap and a half today. He felt a vibration similar to the one the team had been chasing for weeks prior to Reno. No times are available yet, but everyone is ok.

Saturday: Vindication

Review of the inflight video from yesterday?s flight showed a horrendous noise. It has been attributed to the left outer landing gear door. The problem was thought to be fixed, but it seems to have reoccurred at a higher speed. The team is currently attempting a fix, with a test flight scheduled for 11AM pst.

Saturday: Big Success
Two NXT racers finished the same race today (Saturday). Kevin Eldredge in Relentless finished third, and Jon Sharp finished sixth. Big congratulations all around.
Hot Rod... 09-15-2005
So, what is a picture of a connecting rod and wrist pin doing on a website devoted to airplanes? It's further proof that Lycoming "gets it." Proof that they understand that there is more to competitiveness than a drive to win. There also must be a drive to inspire, improve, and to innovate. They understand that racing can instill this drive company wide, and that success is measured not so much in what you do, but how you do it.

By the way, the parts? they're machined billet titanium, specially made for Lycoming by HR TEXTRON.
Golden Age Paint Scheme 09-14-2005
The new paint scheme continues the classic style used in the Golden Age of Air Racing by the famous Gee Bee family. Blending the shapes and colors of the unbeatable Nemesis Formula 1 with the style of another air racing icon, the Nemesis NXT is destined to become one of the most photographed racers of all time.
The Race to Reno 09-01-2005
The rush to Reno is on! With only a few short days until the Reno National Air Races in Reno, NV, Team Nemesis is working closely with Lycoming in preparations for a successful event that occurs on Sept. 14- 18. ?The tremendous support that we have received from Lycoming has been outstanding!? comments renowned race pilot Jon Sharp. Continuous flight tests for this spectacular event have been a staple at the Team Nemesis camp this past year and the excitement is growing as the race dates nears.

This year NemesisNXT will sport not only a new Lycoming engine, but also a new paint scheme, new instrumentation and a new website that will be updated daily during the races.

Lycoming has continued their superior support of Nemesis Air Racing throughout 2005, providing the team with dependable, reliable, and powerful performance. Developing and setting up an engine that withstands the punishment of racing can be a challenge, but not one that the Lycoming team of engineers shy away from. In fact, the racing environment provides the perfect platform to expand engine development and reliability. With this competitive approach to engine advancement, it is no wonder Lycoming piston engines is the choice among homebuilders!

The innovative paint scheme and beautiful website is the creation of Mirco Pecorari of Aircraft Studio Design. He is an extremely talented artist that brings fresh innovative ideas to Nemesis Air Racing. ?We feel blessed that he is part of our team! It?s exciting to have a website that we can update daily during the races. It?s real benefit for our fans!? states Jon.

The other new addition to the NemesisNXT is the EDM 930 from J.P. Instruments, the leader in aircraft engine data management systems. This incredible, digital instrument is a complete, all-in-one engine-monitoring device with memory. On a beautifully, clear 5 x 4 inch screen, the pilot has access to RPM. MAP, CHT, EGT, TIT, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, bus voltage, amps load, and fuel flow. Isn?t technology great!

With all these new additions, it will truly be an exciting race event for Team Nemesis, their sponsors and fans.


Direct line: 1-520-334-0066